Prada launched the new MINIMAL BAROQUE fashion Baroque sunglasses series


Prada launched the new MINIMAL BAROQUE fashion Baroque sunglasses, the series appeared five years ago in Prada show, this upgrade series to exquisite new design techniques to interpret the classic style of the other kind of charm.

In the course of its brand development, Prada always deeply rooted in the traditional essence and innovative spirit, it make different conceptual contrast perfect collision and breaking stereotypes to ordinary give new ideas for the low-key design to bring bold and beautiful connotation, so that breakthrough elements become indispensable details of embellishment. MiniMAL BAROQUE fashion Baroque series make Prada brand identity showed perfectly.

This series sunglasses launched in 2011, it quickly became a brand new classic representative once launched. Publicity bold outline of the original brand highlights the inspiration, the distribution of the unique temperament is memorable. The new series continues the brand creative experiment techniques and excellence of technology, is committed to Prada unique aesthetic concept to a new height.

Baroque era is the most luxurious period of art history, a large number of flower elements and plant patterns used as its exclusive style features. MiniMAL BAROQUE fashion used Baroque art elements as inspiration, will be a new vitality into them. The abstract approach to the scoparia leaves, laurel and palm leaves and other plant patterns into smooth curly circular lines, the perfect display of such designs. The series of sunglasses frame curve to leaf buds for the inspiration to be sketched, in the overhang appearance to show the elegant elegance.

The new MiniMAL BAROQUE fashion Baroque series of three models, the past Vanessa complex decorative patterns in a more simple and smooth way to present. Chic pattern and the perfect combination of sunglasses frame, both decorative and practical, to shape the intertwined fantasy and reality of the three-dimensional sense.

This sunglasses is the ultimate embodiment of MiniMAL BAROQUE fashion Baroque decorative aesthetics, making hand-built metal elements to be strengthened. Large frame, double bridge nose design, shimmering glistening hinge elements and butterfly wings symmetry perfect integration, adding unique elegance of beauty. The bold curve lines dotted with spiral and star pattern, highly feminine beauty. There are five optional colors: neutral tone black, tortoiseshell and ivory, and jumping red and spot tortoiseshell color complement each other.

This glasses is a new deductive to classic interpretation of the original style, highlighting the exquisite and delicate contrast effect and active broad-brimmed outline. The multi-color superimposed on the nuances of the plate and the combination of plain plate to bring the effect of eye-catching bas-relief. Symmetry of artistic sense and delicate curves to express a three-dimensional full contour effect, and circular lenses to form a visual echo. There are three optional colors, the tortoiseshell color and black and ivory or red perfect combination.

The last glasses is a new deductive to the original design from unique taste of the design language. Using shiny plate material, vividly show the exquisite beauty of MiniMAL BAROQUE. The style retains the classic smooth front profile, curved lines make large circular frame frame more dynamic, two-color combination of the formation of the bas-relief effect makes the overall effect of more impact force. There are four optional colors, including black, tortoiseshell color, spot tortoiseshell and ivory, and add a little red as embellishment in glasses legs.

Prada 2016 Autumn and Winter senior clothing details and accessories appreciation: Carnival 1960s

In 2016 Autumn and Winter seasons, Prada teaches you how can all have the best of both worlds, let a person without hesitation to collectively wandering in her carefully weaving “carnival girl dream” of the visual Holy Way.

Back from the fall and winter of 2016 to the 1960s, Miuccia Prada is assiduously studying political science, she must be regretting for the absence of fashion. If you still cannot image how she dresses when she on an affectionate girl age, when you see the models are all like a little girl with innocent expression, the handbags are treated as a close baby generally tightly pull in the chest, presumably there will be a large outline. This season’s focus is clearly in a variety of ways to tribute to 1960s that full of throbbing and passionate.

Prada clothes

Sweeping—-unconventional color blocks and stripes showed in a random taboo. Under the prevailing saturated solid color block that spoil your appetite, this will not be so dazzling visual comfort is bound to make people feel refreshing.

Controlling—-the control of shape is more moderation and unity, the real wear of a good type A, cocoon type, pencil type, with a low waist jump color belt buckle separated into two regions and appear the new legislation appearance, its effort lies in the loss of boring stiff feeling, restore the decoration and embellishment.

Combining—-between the thickness of the pattern, adorable plush and transparent scales, square buckle and rounded grain buckle, showy sexy snakeskin and soft matte suede boots, Fine rough and natural man-made form, material and skin texture to achieve the fun of complementary and reformation.

This season, Prada teaches you how can all have the best of both worlds, let a person without hesitation to collectively wandering in her carefully weaving “carnival girl dream” of the visual Holy Way.

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